Feathered Festivities Take Flight at Pre-Prep's Ugly Duckling WOW Day

In a tale straight out of a fairy featherland, the squirrels in the Pre-Prep witnessed an enchanting WOW day as the cast of "The Ugly Duckling" from the Studio Christmas production at the Everyman in Cheltenham waddled into their world.

Under the spotlight were Mother Duck, Pretty, Gorgeous, and the Ugly Duckling,

who, in full character, regaled the young audience with tales of their duck-tastic lives. The air was abuzz with questions ranging from the origins of their names to the intricate details of their feathered fashion choices. The classic inquiry, "Do you like cleaning?" brought laughter echoing through the halls.

Post Q&A, the little ducklings embarked on a day filled with Ugly Duckling-themed activities, immersing themselves in a world that would make even the swankiest swan green with envy.

But the highlight of the day was the transformation of the children into a colorful array of characters, from elegant swans to whimsical fairies, quirky frogs, delicate flowers, and even a roaring dinosaur. The Ugly Duckling had effortlessly sparked a pond-shide fashion frenzy that left everyone in awe.

Principal [Principal's Name] expressed delight at the level of engagement and creativity displayed by the students, emphasizing the importance of such immersive experiences in fostering a love for the arts and imaginative play.

The Ugly Duckling's magic has undeniably left an indelible mark on Pre-Prep,

making this WOW day one for the school's history books. If you would like to book tickets to watch the performance of The Ugly Duckling at the Everyman Theatre, sponsored by Dean Close Pre-Preparatory School, please click on the link below:




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