Kidscape Charity Collaborates with Dean Close to Train Peer Mentors

In a meaningful collaboration aimed at fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, Sarah Lewis, representing the renowned charity Kidscape, spent a day working alongside educators Mrs. Montgomery and Mr. Mears at [School Name] on Thursday, November 30th.

The focus of the day was on initiating the training process for 27 selected students who will serve as Peer Mentors within the school community. These students, carefully chosen to represent all ten Houses and spanning four different year groups, underwent a comprehensive training program led by Sarah Lewis.

Students expressed their interest in becoming Peer Mentors by applying for the training, and their selection reflects a diverse representation from across the school community. The overarching goal is to establish a robust mentorship program that empowers these students to provide support to their peers and collaborate with students at [School Name's] junior counterpart, DCPS.

Throughout the training day, the selected pupils delved into various aspects of the peer mentor role. They explored the responsibilities that come with the position, identified the essential skills and qualities required, examined key stages of the mentoring process, and discussed potential scenarios they might encounter. Additionally, they considered strategies for building relationships, setting targets, and creating effective action plans.

Excitement abounds as [School Name] looks forward to implementing this peer mentorship

scheme in the New Year. The initiative aims to not only enhance the support network within the school but also ease the transition for students moving from junior to senior school. The collaboration with Kidscape underscores the commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive educational environment.

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