Trinity Term Field Day: Celebrating Pupil Contribution

On Tuesday our school witnessed the impressive contributions of our 4th Form, Remove, and Lower 6th students during our termly Field Day program. It was a day filled with learning, challenges, and meaningful connections as our pupils embraced various activities tailored to their interests and developmental stages.

A significant milestone for our school as we embarked on our first Field Day under the guidance of our new Assistant Head in charge of Co-Curriculum, Mr. Baber-Williams. With his leadership, our Trinity Term Field Day unfolded as a resounding success...' This being my very first Field Day has been an incredible day. Witnessing the enthusiasm and dedication of our pupils as they embraced new challenges and made a positive impact in our community has truly been inspiring. I've really enjoyed being a part of this event, and I look forward to many more opportunities to empower and support our pupils in their personal growth...'

The 4th Form embarked on Duke of Edinburgh training, gearing up for their upcoming Bronze Award journey. Under the guidance of Miss Gordon and her team, students delved into outdoor skills, teamwork exercises, and navigation challenges, laying the groundwork for their exciting adventure ahead. This hands-on experience not only honed their practical skills but also instilled a sense of resilience and self-reliance essential for their future endeavors.

Meanwhile, the Remove cohort, that were not participating in the Geography Field trip, engaged in CCF-based activities designed to stimulate critical thinking and decision-making. Led by CSjt Legge and his team, students grappled with strategic challenges, leadership scenarios, and problem-solving tasks, pushing the boundaries of their cognitive abilities and fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation.

In parallel, the Lower 6th students embraced the spirit of community outreach, extending a helping hand to various local institutions and organizations. Under the guidance of Ms. Mathieu and her dedicated team, students ventured into local primary schools, care homes, and on-site activities, lending their support and compassion to those in need. From assisting in classrooms to brightening the day of residents through engaging activities, our students demonstrated empathy, leadership, and a commitment to making a positive difference in the community.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr Baber-Williams,Our new Assistant Head  in charge of Co-Curriculum, on his first ever field day in his new post, Miss Gordon, CSjt Legge, Ms. Mathieu, and their teams for curating such a diverse and enriching Field Day experience for our students. Their dedication, creativity, and passion for student development have undoubtedly left a lasting impact, empowering our pupils to broaden their horizons, embrace new challenges, and cultivate a spirit of service and leadership. We look forward to many more inspiring Field Day initiatives that nurture the growth and potential of our pupils and strengthen our bonds within the community. 

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