Upper Sixth Form Inspire Years 5 & 6 at DCPS

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 experienced an engaging second series of talks by Dean Close Sixth Form students, covering diverse topics, fostering curiosity through well-crafted presentations and interactive discussions...

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a second series of fascinating talks by students from the Dean Close Sixth Form as part of the 'Inspire Us' series. This week the topics ranged from 'Archeology' (Inez Oden) and 'Current Affairs' (Erin Jeffery) to 'Murder and Mystery in English Literature' (James Carder-Geddes), with each being brought to life through well-crafted presentations and interactive talks. The sharing of their interests and passions certainly sparked curiosity amongst our pupils and we look forward to further visits in the terms to come. 

 Here is what some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils had to say about the event:

On Monday, the 6th of November Year 5 and 6 went into the Centenary Hall to listen to 3 students from upper 6th. They were talking about the subjects that they do for A level and James was talking about English Literature, Erin was talking about Politics and Esme was talking about Archaeology. They were all very inspiring. Erin went first and talked about Politics and at the start of her speech she asked what the link was between Putin and a chocolate Freddo, the link was that the war in Ukraine had caused lots of things to be more expensive because Russia is where most of our oil comes from and Freddo’s have come via ferry to England and the ferry needs fuel to work which is made of oil. Esme was talking about Archaeology and was saying that if you visit a museum you are already starting to learn about a bit of Archaeology. James talked about his favourite author, Agatha Christie. It was very interesting to hear that he had read a lot of her books.  Beanie Cansdale, Year 6 On Monday the 6th of November, 3 students from the Senior School talk to Years 5 and 6.  Their names were James, Erin and Esme. Erin talked about the differences between Putin and a Freddo! She talked about how oil from Russia is getting more expensive, as well as Freddo's. James talked about his favourite author, Agatha Christie, and Esme talked about how cool archaeology can be. Charlotte Phillips, Year 6 It is always really fun and inspiring to hear from the Senior School pupils. In the last one we went to we did a little treasure hunt looking for Maoms! I think it is an amazing idea as they make their subjects really fun and sometimes they put sweets or chocolate in and people try competing against each other to get them. I have loved learning about the different topics and I think that lots of other people love it too! Danielle Lowe, Year 6