1st Louis Morford, 2nd = Grace Starling and William Bunker, 4th = Andy Whitford, 5th = Alix Atwick

This was a really enjoyable occasion and a quite brilliant competition in which the Fourth Form took on the poetry of Catullus (poems 70 and 85). There were some stirring recitals in which Catullus’ profound disillusionment and despair were expertly summoned. Congratulations to everyone that participated.

Upper Sixth Form Classical Civilisation Trip to Warwick School for a production of Sophocles’ Antigone

The Warwick School production of Antigone was very good indeed and our pupils really enjoyed the opportunity to see (as opposed to read) one of their prescribed tragedies. Adverse weather conditions aside, this was a very worthwhile excursion; the pupils were really able to engage with a play that at its heart asks a remarkably modern question: ‘can secular belief and religious faith ever be reconciled?’ ‘Which laws are greater: those of God or those of the State?’