Congratulations to Upper Sixth Former, Irene Garcia Rodriguez, who has been awarded a place at ESADE in Barcelona where she will study Law for the next five years.  ESADE is one the most prestigious universities in Spain, and Europe and is known for its elite undergraduate programmes and its MBAs in Spain and New York.  It is an exceptional achievement.

Ren came to Dean Close in 2015 as an international boarder and now in her final year, is studying A levels in English Literature, Politics, Art, French and Spanish.  She chose to study in England as she was ambitious to realise her full academic level.  She says: “Whilst it has been difficult to be away from my family and loved ones, Dean Close has shaped me into the individual that I am today and has provided me with the space to flourish and grow, both academically and personally. I have found this experience a great opportunity to break out of my comfort zone and become an individual with amazing international friendships.  Having to adapt to a new environment was extremely hard, but Dean Close has always been welcoming since the very beginning.  It has been an incredible four year experience and one I will never forget.”

Ren decided to study Law as she feels it aligns with her personality.  She says: “I have always considered myself to be an opinionated individual who is keen on debating and solving issues in an argumentative manner.  On top of that, I firmly believe that Law is one of the most versatile university degrees, as it not only offers the legal perspective of a country, but it nourishes each and every individual who decides to take on such a course with a broad range of life and strategic tools for ones future.  Achieving this place is a massive personal accomplishment for me.”

To achieve her place at ESADE, Ren had to undergo a number of tasks including five hours of exams.  She describes it as one of the most intense experiences of her life.  After she graduates, Ren plans to keep learning and growing as a legal expert.  She is a strong believer in taking every opportunity and aspires to work in a great law firm and combine her legal expertise with a masters in finance.

Ren is also an extremely talented artist who featured in the Deanflix Art Series in 2017.