3Year 8 Leavers enjoyed a wonderful post exam trip to Croyde in Devon. 65 pupils and 9 staff arrived to beautiful weather and a fully operational campsite.

Initially, pupils were divided into two groups. The first group slept outside in the seven tents, whilst the others slept in the main house at St George’s, Georgeham – later in the week the groups swapped. On day one the house group enjoyed a crazy ringo session (being towed on the sea in giant rubber ring) whilst the campsite group did the shopping for the evening meal at Tesco. They were each given a budget of £2.50 to create a wonderful evening meal. Some of the children cleverly pooled their resources to create some very inventive meals, such as meat balls and pasta and spaghetti bolognaise.

Throughout the week the children were challenged to try a wide range of exciting activities to push themselves both mentally and physically. In addition to the high speed ringo they enjoyed sea cliff climbing, kayaking, coasteering, mountain biking, surfing and archery. Needless to say everyone slept very well throughout the week!

When they were not busy trying new outdoor pursuits everyone had great fun playing rounders and volley ball or enjoyed a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. The weather was perfect, except on the Thursday when gale force winds nearly took the awning off the kitchen tent. Fortunately, staff managed to rescue it and so no one had to starve!


The Leavers’ Trip is designed to help prepare the children for the next stage in their education. They are given more freedom, which of course comes with added responsibility. They are encouraged to be more independent, try physical challenges (some of which are quite scary) and also support each other as a team.

Pupil, Ben Quayle said, “Spending time by the sea with my friends was just brilliant. I really loved the Sea Cliff Climbing, it was quite challenging but I felt a real sense of achievement when I managed to make it down safely from some tricky places. The roar of the sea below made it even more exhilarating.”

Group leader, Mr Cahill said, “Always again! Perfect weather, stunning scenery, amazing challenging activities and a great bunch of lively Year 8s who were up for the challenge.”