This year six pupils – Charlotte Finney, Ewan Beattie, Molly Caesar, Peter Hick Beach, Louise Lovatt and Olivia Street – have all passed their Leiths Certificate in Food and Wine and deserve huge congratulations. Special mention to Charlotte who has achieved a merit and special award from Leiths for Charlotte for gaining such high marks in the difficult written exam.

Head of Cookery, Maria Taylor, said: “I will always remember them as the group that brought elation and exasperation in equal measure to every lesson. Olivia once said we were all like a ‘rather dysfunctional family’ and it is fair to say we have all had our share of ‘ups and downs’. From the day Peter stuck a metal skewer into a switch of one of the old cookers in the former cookery room causing him to fly across the floor with an electric shock, to the day Liv secretly replaced her ruined mayonnaise with the contents of a jar of Hellman’s and was surprised I noticed; it has been a rollercoaster of a ride – and one that I would not have missed for the world and will never forget! From the custards that curdled and sauces that split; from the soufflés that sunk and the profiteroles like pancakes they have emerged triumphant ready and prepared for whatever culinary challenge may come their way. I am so proud of them all and will miss them so much. ”