What’s your favourite pancake topping? It’s never an easy decision and was just as tricky for pupils at Pre-Prep; a majority of children chose traditional sugar and lemon or golden syrup as their favourite topping, but there were also a few unusual requests such as egg and cheese!

Pupils celebrated Pancake Day by making their own pancakes and choosing their favourite topping. They learnt about the origins of ‘Shrove Tuesday’ and how Pancake Day came about as the beginning of the Christian season of ‘Lent’. Pupils talked about what they might give up for Lent, many of them thought they might give up chocolate and give some money to charity instead. Later the children took part in traditional pancake races, including a tricky pancake obstacle course!

“I love maple syrup on my pancakes!” said Dr Carolyn Shelley, Headmistress of the Pre-Prep. “What a wonderful day the children have had: taking part in many exciting activities whilst learning about this traditional festival. It has also given the children a chance to think of others, and if they give something up, how this could help someone less fortunate than them. As well as lots of fun it has been a good opportunity for encouraging kindness and thoughtfulness.”