Battle of the Bands is a musical competition andlongstanding traditionat Dean Close Prep.
This year there were some great solo performances from the Pop Music finals of the House
Music competition and everyone was tapping their toes to the Year 3, 5

However,the bigeventwas the Year 8 form competition.Each Year 8 class chooses a
song in their music lesson, they learn all the different elements of the song, including the
vocals and instrumental parts.8RS wowed us with their version of the Spice Girls’
‘Wannabe’, Ginger Spice certainly dressed well for the occasion; 8JG hadeveryone ‘Oooh
Aaah-ing’ along to ‘Hey Baby’ and 8TM’s crew of boys added some swagger to Justin
Bieber’s’Boyfriend’, before being interrupted by the girls with ‘Girlfriend’!

With fate ofthe bands in the hands oftheaudience,measured indecibels of their cheers, 8EB nearly stole the crown at the end, with their amazing version of ‘YMCA’, including a trumpeterwho played the famous opening.However, 8RM could not be beaten, wowingthe audience with their version of ‘Classic’including a fantastic rap from Dan and a stunning dance routine.

After the event 8RM were thrilled, soaking upthe adoration of the crowd withthe following comment from band member Louise Neal, We worked hard, we were clearly the best and my stripy fluorescent socks definitely won the day.”

Toby Greaves from 8EBannounced that “…it was a fix! My moustache clearly should have won. And Jacques’ dress was fantastic!”

More appropriately, Bella Stephens from 8EB said, “We really enjoyed learning the songs. It was a great feeling to get up with the whole class to perform. Some of the people in my class have never played an instrument but were able to use their class music keyboard skills to play really well. We learned a lot and had great fun planning our performance.”