We are delighted to announce that the Junior Forms’ production is still going ahead this year  by way of a film of the production! The film is now finalised and ready for viewing. All pupils will have the opportunity to watch it on big screens at school on the final day of term. Added to this, parents, family and friends will be able to enjoy it on Youtube, screened from Friday with the click available in Hermes.
So sit back, enjoy the efforts of every child in Years 3, 4 and 5, and we hope this is a great kick start to your festive fun.
We have produced a DVD for Junior Forms’ families to purchase for £3.50. This will be added to pupil bills. We have allowed for 1 copy per family. To reserve your copy, please email dcpsoffice@deanclose.org.uk with your child’s name and form.
These DVDs will be distributed in the Lent term.