Creativity is an important part of the Early Years curriculum, being creative helps develop children’simagination and problem solving skillsas well as being great fun!Pupils enjoyed an entireday dedicated to the creative arts, where they had the opportunity to try a huge amount of activities indoors and out. Each and every pupil participated in creative activities such as painting to music, sculpting clay in the Forest School, reading about famous artists, creating dances and composing music.

Throughout the day pupils rotated to different activities, some started the morning by making natural sculptures – a snake, a fox, fruit bowls and even a Viking were just a few of the wonderful designs pupilsmade from pine cones, feathers, sticks and bark found in the Forest School. Whilst others enjoyed a spot of outdoor reading, learning all about Monet, Picasso and Edgar Degas in the School’s new outdoor throne and toadstool area in the playground.

Inside, pupils danced to music with colourful ribbons and used instruments to compose music that had an autumn theme.

Creative Arts Day is just one of many WOW Days that take place at Pre-Prep as part
of the School’s Irresistible Learning Programme. Each term, to start or finish a new
topic, the School holds exciting, amazing WOW Days. These special days immediately
captivate the children, bring learning to life, and create an atmosphere of fun,
enjoyment and excitement about the topic they have been studying or are about to

Mrs Louise Winchcombe explained, ‘It was a fantastic day, enabling children to express
themselves freely with a wide variety of materials and in different ways – the children really
enjoyed themselves’.

At the end of the day parents were greeted by some very proud children, who couldn’t wait to
‘show and tell’ their parents some of the creations they had made.