Our Little Linguists had such a fun & inspiring morning in the Trinity Term.  The Year 2 ‘serveurs’ were on hand, first thing, in the French Café with a cheery “bonjour” to offer ‘viennoiseries’ and ‘café’ to any parents who came along for a drink and a chat. The children then dispersed to their classrooms for a session of greetings and numbers in a multitude of tongues. Languages on offer came from far and wide, from countries as diverse as Thailand, Egypt, Russia, Japan, Estonia, Poland and Sweden as well as the more familiar European languages such as French, German, Spanish and Italian; in addition, Year 2 were also introduced to the Greek alphabet, together with a couple of verses from the Bible in Ancient Greek! A huge and well deserved thank you to the many wonderful parents who were willing to share their knowledge, either of their mother tongue or a learned language, with our aspiring linguists.

Later in the morning, the Early Years children were astounded to discover that Little Red Riding Hood had dropped her basket of flowers in the Big Playground and were more than willing to help recover the flowers for ‘Mamie’ in all the colours of the rainbow – ‘rouge, orange, jaune, vert, bleu et violet’. Whilst KS1 had the slightly more complicated task of finding the flags, national flowers, animals, monuments & greetings of their given countries, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland & Estonia which they achieved with great aplomb.


As well as enjoying their treasure hunts, there were also many language-based activities to partake in. Reception were busy learning to sing a rainbow in French, whilst Kindergarten were playing colour ‘Loto’ and watching ‘Boucle D’Or’ and the ‘Trois Petits Cochons’. Year 1 had a very interesting time learning about farm animals in Italian and Year 2 were discovering about French inventions such as the Montgolfière brothers’ hot air balloon and the ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ before making amazing 3D models of the ‘Tour Eiffel’.

A great time was had by all so, once again, an enormous thank you to all those staff and parents who helped make our Little Linguist Day such a resounding success.