This time of year is always wonderful as the days get longer and we begin to see signs of new growth all around us. Children always amaze me with their innate sense of curiosity and wonder in the natural world.A visit to Forest School is always a great adventure, watching the children’s joy and excitement as they find new treasures, notice new plants and unearth small minibeasts. This term we have had a real focus on the environment and ‘Looking after our World’, thinking about being thankful for all we have and how we can be good ‘stewards’ of the beautiful grounds and countryside around us.

As part of this focus the School held an exciting ‘Eco Day’ where we took part in lots of ‘green’ activities – including exploring different forms of renewable energy with investigation stations in the hall and a recycling race game! The children particularly loved the wind powered cars which whizzed across the hall floor and using solar panels to make the fans work. At the end of the day everyonesigned a green pledge with ideas of how we can remember to be ‘green’ in school and we are going to use some of the children’sgreat ideas next term.

Inthe last week of term we started to think about planting our order of new trees in the Forest School, which we hope will create important habitats for the flora and fauna of the future.

I hope we will soon be seeing some wonderful warm spring weather and I urge you all to get out and about this holiday and to catch some of the wonder of children as they rediscover new life all around us!