In October of last year Sixth Form pupil, Freddie Faux, was appointed as one of nine Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets for Gloucestershire. Six months on, Freddie has written about his highlights of the year:

“In June 2017 I was approached by Combined Cadet Force staff about the possibility of becoming a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for Gloucestershire. Not really knowing what it was, I accepted and a few months later I was offered a place, out of the 500 plus cadets put forward in the county, as one of Dame Janet Trotter’s cadets. My duties as a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet have been varied and I have enjoyed every second. From the first formal event at my appointment, through to the various functions and visits. I have had the pleasure of working with 8 other Gloucestershire cadets from neighbouring schools including Pates Grammar School and St. Edward’s, amongst others, as well as Dame Janet Trotter herself.

I went into the role thinking I would be an assistant, but quickly found that I would have far more responsibility. My first duty was at the Remembrance Day Service in Cheltenham Town Hall, a memorable day. This was followed by an introduction to the influential people of Cheltenham which was an intriguing experience. I have also read at the Holocaust Service in the Cheltenham Council Rooms, taken the salute during a march past for a military veterans parade in Gloucester and escorted a party of guests at the St. George’s Day Service at Gloucester Cathedral. Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal was also in attendance at this event. Forming the honour guard and being able to be a part of the ceremony was an amazing honour and opportunity. I urge anyone who is nominated for this role in the future to grasp it with both hands. These have been some of the best days of my year.”

Freddie Faux