Billed as ‘Game of Thrones meets House of Cards’, last week’s Junior production of Shakespeare’s gory tale of vaulting ambition zapped through the well-known text at a razor-sharp pace, notching up bodies faster than one could say ‘toil and trouble’. Bloody, bold and resolute, it did not disappoint the audience.

Joshua Brooks proved revelatory as an edgy, anxious Macbeth, gradually manipulated into Kingship by his whip-smart wife (an electric Beth Ellison). There was excellent support from a large cast of warriors, nobles and supernatural beings, with particular mention going to the naive Banquo (a sympathetic Lewis Haywood) and the avenging Macduff (an energetic and vulnerable Jack Coombs).

Congratulations to Georgina Hildick-Smith, Olivia Duffin and team for an atmospheric and moody production which showcased some of the very best talent in the lower years.