Pupils recently navigated their way to Pre-Prep for an exciting day of discovery and exploration when they held a ‘Marvellous Maps’ day. Throughout the day, the whole School took part in different map-based activities, including programming Beebots to find different countries on floor maps, completing an exciting quiz using the globes and atlases, making a large ‘Where in the World…’ map poster and labelling places the children have been.

Everyone was kept very busy as the different classes took part in age appropriate activities. Children aged five and six created a 3D map of the School and learnt how to use co-ordinates. Reception had a wonderful time drawing maps of homes and neighbourhoods and the youngest members of Pre-Prep enjoyed looking at the book ‘Rosie’s Walk’.

Outside the classroom, everyone had the opportunity to take part in a map-based treasure hunt. Children had to follow the map and directions, answering questions on the way, which eventually led them to a treasure chest! The fun continued in Forest School, where Kindergarten completed puzzle treasure maps and Year Two had to direct their friends (who were blindfolded!).

Dr Carolyn Shelley, Headmistress of the Pre-Preparatory School said,“We enjoyed so many exciting map-related activities, not only did the children learn about where places are in the world, they used their team building, communication, listening and, of course, navigation skills to solve lots of different challenges.”​

It really was a fantastic day of discovery and learning – and the children voted it ‘Marvellous!’.