Congratulations to Year 10 pupil, Mo Lin, who has gained a Distinction in the Hamilton Paper of the “British Maths Olympiad”.

Around 1,000 invitations to the British Mathematical Olympiad (Round 1) are sent to pupils who score highly in the Intermediate Challenge eachyear and qualify to represent the UK in the International Maths Olympiad.

The talented mathematician scored 47/60 in the Year 10 Olympiad, an outstanding score, and he will also receive a medal for finishing in the top 100 in the UK, qualifying him for Round 2.

The paper consists of six complex questions, each worth 10 points,

For example:

The positive integers m and n satisfy the equation 20m + 18n = 2018
How many possible values of m are there?

Solutions must be provided with full workings shown and thoroughly and clearly argued in writing.

Head of Maths, Pete Garner, said “this is an amazing achievement for Mo and I look forward to seeing him progress further in the competition”.