It was a race against the clock as teams of children fromYears One and Two tookpart in an exciting Maths relay as part of Pre-Prep’s Maths Fun Morning. The children had to answer maths questions, with older Prep School children marking and giving them the next questions. Some of the problems included telling the time, measuring, times tables, division and multiplication; quite a challenge as the youngest competitors were just six years old.

The whole School took part in this fantastic day withchildren fromthe
Early Yearsfinding and applying numbers in the Forest
School, whilst after a very tiring relay, Years One and Two continued
have fun with some practical mathspuzzles.

“Maths is such an important subject to master” explained DrShelley.“By taking Maths
out of the classroom and integrating sports,nature and play, we can help develop a love of
Maths in pupils from an early age, building their confidence from the start.
eachand every child can achieve excellent numeracy skills, which will be
invaluable later in life”.