Pupils Daniel Knight, Oliver Mackay, Rosie Caton and Lucy Godfrey had to get their thinking caps on when they represented the Prep School at the DC Beagle Mathematics Challenge. 28 local schools arrived at the Prep School to spend the afternoon solving Maths problems and puzzles.

They had to solve problems such as:

How many numbers between 1 and 100 do not have a 9 in them?

A household has some goldfish, some canaries and rabbits. Altogether there are 15 heads and 26 legs. How many of each animal could there be?

Head of Mathematics, Robin Brown said, “It was fantastic to welcome so many children for an afternoon of Maths. The children were so enthusiastic even though some of the questions were very challenging. Everyone worked really hard; well done to Tewkesbury Primary and The Richard Pate School who came out on top!”

Well done to everyone who took part.