Pre-Prep enjoyed a wonderful Maths filled morning when the whole school was busy solving problems, counting minibeasts, exploring capacity and making shapes!  In the Early Years, Kindergarten made sandwiches and then cut them into shapes such as circles, squares and triangles, discussing what the shapes looked like before eating them outside during a special shape picnic!  Reception explored capacity and weight, answering questions such as how many pots of sand does it take to fill the bucket, which container holds the most water and how much a glue stick weighs? They took part in shopping and enjoyed practising writing numbers on the playground! Meanwhile, Nursery went off to Forest School with their clipboards to find and count minibeasts and were very successful!

In the hall, Years One and Two enjoyed an exciting Maths Relay, with teams solving problems together as fast as they could!  Mr Ede, the past Head of Mathematics at Dean Close Prep School, Mr Brown the current Head of Maths and a team of keen Year 8 mathematicians came to help including eight past Pre-Prep pupils, which was very exciting!  The relay got off to a flying start and it was a very closely fought competition with a tie break for both first and second and also a tie break for third and fourth! In fact, five of the teams were only one point behind the medal positions – well done to you all!

Gold – Bethany, Bertie, Emily, Kotaro, Tasha and Eliza

Silver – Ethan, Izzy, Elsa, Hari H and Beth

Bronze – Tahlia, Lydia, Henry, Chloe A and Emily BC.

After break the year One and Two pupils went off in their teams to work with the DCPS pupils on curved stitching, but using a ruler and coloured pencils to create interesting designs. A great morning was had by all!