In the classroom,Year Onehave been exploring push and pull forces and investigating how these forces
make objects move and change direction. Recently pupils visited Pittville Park where they explored more
about ‘forces’ by using the play apparatus.

The childrenenjoyed playing onthe slides, swings, seesaw and monkey nets, after which they discussed, with theirteachers and each other,how they had madethe different apparatusmove; asking and answering questions such as: ‘Which forces do you use when you climb?’, ‘What makes this swing move?’, ‘What makes you move down a slide?’ It was great to see howsciencecan be applied in practical everyday situations

As well as learning about forces, pupils were able
to link thevisit to their ‘Pirates’ topic – everyone
loved exploring the new pirate ship in the park,
building galleons in the sand and making treasure