Year One pupils recently took their science skills to Pittville Park to find out more about forces. In the classroom the children have been exploring push and pull forces and investigating how these forces make objects move and change direction. It was great to see how this learning can be applied in practical, everyday situations outside school. The children enjoyed using the play apparatus and discussing how they had made things move. Which forces would you use when you climb? What makes a swing move? What makes you move down a slide?

As well as the science aspect of the visit it was really useful to link the trip to our ‘Pirates’ topic. Everyone enjoyed exploring the park and making treasure maps. We even found a secret pirate message beneath one of the trees!

Finally, towards the end of the morning the children enjoyed a French lesson from Mrs Nasralla in the park grounds. It was very satisfying to see how many of the children recalled the French vocabulary they have been learning this term by identifying items they saw in the park in French. Au revoir!