Dean Close is excited to announce its first exhibition of 2019, Mazes of the Mind, by Francesca Wilkinson Shaw, which will feature a range of colourful, pattern-based, abstract paintings.  The exhibition was first shown at the Eric Liddell Centre, Edinburgh, in November 2018 and will be on display in the School’s BonBernard Gallery from Friday 11th January to Saturday 9th February, with a Private View on the first Friday.

Francesca trained at Chelsea School of Art in the 1960’s, before spending many years teaching Art and Design in Edinburgh. She now combines painting with work as an Art Psychotherapist in Edinburgh Prison.

She says: “My paintings are a progressive experiment in the interplay between space, form and colour. Ideas arise and emerge through the act of painting, as the material process initially leads the way. I am interested in two balancing points that reoccur in my work: firstly exactly where shapes are in space, alternating backwards and forwards – coming and going – and secondly how much of an image needs to be visible for it to be read coherently.  I aim for the point at which a visual balance between liminal states can be read, allowing differing interpretations to co-exist.  At times I describe environments emotionally rather than naturalistically to create a notion of place, and to address another boundary – this time between abstraction and realism.  I always aim to leave more to be found in my work than is at first evident.”