The annual Mead House Soiree was held on Friday 10th May.  As ever, there was a wide range of talent and activities on display.  There was music by Rachel Hellier playing Fur Elise on the piano, drama with Niamh and Lucy in Fourth Form and a delivery of the prize winning speech from Junior House Public speaking by Sydney Davies. Special mention to Rachel and Sydney who both willingly volunteered do contribute after sitting their GCSE Drama and GCSE English Language that same day.  Others had their opportunity to share with their families an insight into their lives at school via mini movies made by those in Fourth and Remove.  This year the Lower Sixth ran their quiz slot slightly differently using the Kahoot app, a popular educational tool used in the classroom too.  There was a worry that the game might not cope with the large number of teams, but thankfully the girls managed to upload the 35+ teams and run the quiz successfully. All questions were specific to Mead and included some gems, including how many studies are in Mead? (We all struggled with that one!)  Finally, a big thanks to the Upper Sixth who stage managed the whole evening and for whom it is their final Soiree at Dean Close School. Bea Bennett ended the evening with a rendition of Bewitched, Bewildered and Bemused a song which she sang five years earlier at her first Mead Soiree when she was in Fourth Form.  Mead also celebrated the final handover of the annual handprint canvas from Kat Scott Payne, who started the tradition three years ago whilst in Fifth Form.  The House now has three canvases which record the handprints of each year and will soon don the walls of the new Day House Village in September.  Kat has nominated her successor and we look forward to seeing Phoebe and Freya add their own personal twist to the tradition. The Upper Sixth raffle this year had a luxury selection of prizes with a star prize win of lunch for two at The Montpellier Wine Bar.  Overall, the raffle raised more than £300.  The evening was a great success, with lots of food, laughter and celebration. Thanks to all who came!