In 2018, the Archive Department put up a display in DCS history corridor to mark the centenary of the Spanish Flu Pandemic that swept the globe during the aftermath of the First World War. Little did we imagine that just two years later we would face our own global pandemic. That display was only possible due to the material saved and made accessible by Archive collections around the world.

OHA 250 New Contributed Photographs Collection. Otis Historical Archives, National Museum of Health and Medicine, USA (NCP 1603)

This photo is from The US National Museum of Health and Medicine and shows the emergency hospital at Camp Funston, Kansas c1918. It’s not too dissimilar to the Nightingale Hospitals of today and even social distancing can be seen in practice with beds arranged alternately head one end and feet the other on the next bed to minimise patients coughing on one another.

This is why the Archive Department is launching a competition to ask you, as a member of Dean Close School, for your memories of the last year. It can be anything you like, a photograph, a painting, a written memory, poem, song or even a film that reflects your experience of 2020-2021. All entries will then be put into the Archive collection, so not only can we look back and reflect on the event and how we have changed and developed, but also future pupils and staff can try to imagine what it was like to be a member of the School Community during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Please, please have a go. It is open to everyone, both staff and pupils and the closing date is Thursday 17th June so you have half term to get creative!