During the month of May, the UK dedicated a week to considering Mental Health. The Prep School got involved by considering the five ways to wellness:

Your time, your words, your presence
Be active
Do what you can, enjoy what you do, move your mood
Keep learning
Embrace new experiences, see opportunities, surprise yourself
Talk and listen, be there, feel connected.
Take notice
Remember the simple things that bring you joy.

Throughout the week on Tuesday and Thursday  break times a group of enthusiastic pupils of all ages and staff too, equally of all ages, sought a sense of calm and connection with nature in the midst of a busy day!  They spent lunchtimes and break times down by the brook, sitting or lying under the canopy formed by the trees. Whilst staring up towards the sky the children took time to appreciate the incredible range of different colours as they listened to the mindfulness talk and the birds singing.  Several children mentioned that, interestingly, they felt much more mentally alert and focused having had time out; they had a sense that their brains were really refreshed by the experience.

Pupil, Evie Mossop said, “When I went down to the brook I felt really calm and at peace. I felt like it took away some stress from the upcoming tests but it also made me realize how lovely it is to be down among trees and listening to the birds. I would definitely recommend going down again as it was a very enjoyable experience.”

Sarah Davies, Head of PSHCE said, “In a fast-past digital world where there is increasing pressure to be seen to be achieving in all areas of life, taking time out to appreciate nature can be very grounding and put life back into perspective. With exam week upon us taking regular breaks, exercising and finding time to laugh helps keep exam nerves at bay and improves the amount of information retained. Teaching pupils to aim high is important but they must also learn how to be kind to themselves, especially in more challenging times. We hope this week we have given pupils some tools to help achieve this.”