Highlights of the Week 

  • Seeing the highlights video from the Hockey Tour of Scotland which took place at half term. 
  • Fantastic performance by our Dressage Team at Keysoe. 
  • Brilliant individual performance by Bella at the Bicton Eventing Competition over half term. 
  • Action to the Word Drama Workshop held on Monday. 
  • The U14 Girls’ Hockey team remaining unbeaten at the West Finals on Tuesday, demonstrating how much they have progressed this term. 
  • U16 Girls’ Hockey beating CLC on Tuesday in the National Cup. 
  • Zero Positive Covid-19 cases recorded this week and we very much hope this will continue.
  • Act of Remembrance on Thursday where, as ever, our pupils responded brilliantly on this poignant occasion.  


Remembrance Address by the Chaplain

Remembrance Bible Reading read by Maddie

Remembrance Prayers read by Jess, Alex and Izzy

Remembrance Poem read by Conor


COVID Vaccinations: 12-15 year olds 

Friday 19 November 

Below is an invite letter which contains the link to the online consent form and an information leaflet.  As well as parents being asked to submit their consent online, it also contains the vaccination team’s contact details so parents can go directly to them with any questions.  Please complete the necessary forms as soon as possible.   

Key details/arrangements are as follows: 

  • Pupils should be dressed in PE tops or have short sleeves 
  • No phones in vaccination room 
  • Please remind your sons and daughters to have breakfast before vaccination. 

 Please contact the vaccination team should you have any further questions. 

Vaccination Invitation Letter

C19 Vaccination Information Leaflet


Fifth Form (Year 11) Parents’ Meetings  

Thursday 25 November, 5.00-7.00 pm 

The Parents’ Meetings for parents and guardians of Fifth Form pupils will be online on Thursday 25 November from 5-7 pm.  Each parent/guardian can book up to ten 5-minute appointments with the child’s subject teachers and tutor and can then invite one more person (another parent, guardian or pupil) to join the appointment, so a meeting can be conducted from two separate devices (smartphone or laptop).   

The booking for appointments opens at 8 am on Wednesday 17 November and closes at 8 am on Wednesday 24 November. All meetings will be conducted via video calls using Parents Evening System https://deanclose.schoolcloud.co.uk and the instructions for booking and making video appointments are attached with this email. 

Overseas parents, who live in a significantly different time zone (GMT + 4), will have a link to book onto the Friday 26 November meeting (1.15-2.15pm, 26 November) instead to allow the videocalls to take place at a reasonable hour.  The deadline for booking onto the Friday meeting is the same as above. 

If you have any problems logging in or making appointments, please email isams@deanclose.org.uk 


Music Lessons 

Pupils are reminded that it is their responsibility to make sure they know when their music lessons are each week and to arrive on time.  They should check the timetable notice board in the Music Department at the beginning of every week (or on Saturday) as changes are inevitable from time to time, and also make a note of any emails concerning their music lesson times. 

If they have any queries, they can contact their teacher using the school email system or Mrs Klemz. 


Careers Planning 

Hazlewoods Open Evening 

Thursday 2 December, 5.00-6.30pm 

Hazlewoods is a top accounting and business services firm headquartered in Cheltenham. They offer a yearly open evening that had proven to be very valuable to pupils interested in a career in Accounting or Finance. Please see the attached flyer and consider registering for the event. Parents are also very welcome to attend. 


The Week Ahead 

CLICK HERE to access the Live Website Calendar. 

If you have any queries or comments, please contact rerichards@deanclose.org.uk.