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Week 6: Monday 7th October

Below you will find further information on:

  • Mobile Phone Policy (all parents)

  • Digital Learning – Where are we now and where might we be going? (all parents)

  • Year 6 Trip to Cheltenham Festival of Literature, Monday 7th October (Year 6 parents)

  • Year 8 Trip to Cheltenham Festival of Literature, Wednesday 9th October (Year 8 parents)

  • Education Question Time, Thursday 10th October (all parents)

  • Parent Workshop, Tuesday 15th October (all parents)

  • Promises Auction, Friday 15th November (all parents)

  • Sip and Shop, Wednesday 4th December (all parents)

  • Dean Close Hockey Camp (all parents)

  • Ultimate Activity Camps (all parents)

  • Match Fixtures week 6 (all parents)

General notices

Mobile Phone Policy (all parents)

As you are aware, the Parents’ Handbook highlights the aim to make DCPS a mobile ‘phone free zone for day pupils (Boarders have their own guidelines).

However, there are some exceptional circumstances when it is necessary for a child to bring a mobile into school. On these occasions the mobile ‘phone must be handed in immediately the child arrives in school to the Houseparent for safe keeping during normal school hours, the phone must never be taken into the changing rooms and should only be used once the child has left the school grounds.

Recently, it has been noted that several children are bringing mobile phones into school and we therefore feel it necessary to remind you of the procedure regarding the granting of this special permission.

Pupils are only allowed mobile ‘phones in school if they have had permission from the Deputy Head (Logistics and Compliance), Mr J Harris

If you have not done so already, then please contact him in writing requesting consent, if you consider it imperative that your son or daughter has a mobile ‘phone in school. Permission is required for any time children want to bring their phones into school e.g. an occasional use or a one off occasion.

It should be noted that children can, with permission, use a House landline during the School day. In accordance with our School Policy there will be periodic checks to make sure that mobiles are not being kept in School bags or pockets.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation in this matter.

Digital Learning – Where are we now and where might we be going? (all parents)

We are very grateful to members of the Parents’ Society Committee, who attended a seminar given by the school’s Head of IT and Digital Learning, Miss Rubringer, where questions such as this were discussed.

As we seek to upgrade and improve our IT provision across the Foundation, it was fascinating to tap into the aspirations and concerns of parents. We hope to be able to open a wider dialogue with the whole DCPS community in the weeks to come. As part of the school’s strategic plan, we aim to enhance teaching and learning through effective use of IT and to develop each pupil’s confidence in digital literacy across the curriculum.

In the seminar, Miss Rubringer explained to parents about the current situation regarding the teaching of computing, as well as the links to other areas of the curriculum. She explained the way in which, for many years, IT has been embedded in all areas of the curriculum, from computer aided design in Design Technology lessons, to the use of Linguascope software in helping to embed a foreign language. However, it is ensuring that we are making the most of this ever changing technological landscape which is our challenge now.

Parents may be aware of the current pilot being carried out in some classes, where children are having the opportunity to use portable digital devices. A set of tablets, provided by the school, is being used in a variety of settings and across various departments. Staff are being trained and research is being undertaken, as we seek the most effective use of this accessible technology to further improve the teaching and learning taking place in the classroom.

At the forefront of our decision making is ensuring that we are providing pupils with skills for future, where artificial intelligence and the use of technology has become even more embedded in our ‘in-work’ and ‘out-of-work’ lives. Whilst there are many exciting opportunities to harness new technologies in school, from the use of virtual reality in Geography and Science lessons, through to analysing technique in a trampolining lesson, the school is determined not to rush into adopting a type of technology that then becomes a distraction, or needlessly substitutes more traditional methods of working. We are therefore grateful to garner parents’ opinion, as we seek to provide genuine opportunities for learning through these new technologies.

For further information on the current discussions that are taking place, please click here to download the presentation given by the school’s Head of IT and Digital Learning, Miss Rubringer.

Year 6 Trip to Cheltenham Festival of Literature, Monday 7th October (Year 6 parents)

Please click here to access a letter on this trip with further information.

Year 8 Trip to Cheltenham Festival of Literature, Wednesday 9th October (Year 8 parents)

Please click here to access a letter on this trip with further information.

Education Question Time, Thursday 10th October (all parents)

On Thursday 10 October, Dean Close will host a unique and exciting debate to be hosted by Jeremy Vine (BBC) from 7.00-9.00pm.  Education Question Time (#EduQT) will include the panellists Lord David Blunkett, local MP Alex Chalk, cyber expert Professor Richard Benham, the Warden of Dean Close, Emma Taylor, and The Independent Newspaper Education Correspondent, Eleanor Busby.  The panel will tackle questions from the floor relating to the future direction and content of education for the 21st century.

Preceding the above will be a Pupil Debate involving a number of pupils from a range of local schools. This event will run from 5.30pm-6.15pm.  The bar will be open between these events.

Tickets for the Main Event are £5 plus admin charges (free to 18s and under) and can be purchased directly from the Bacon Theatre by calling 01242 258002 or via the Box Office website

Parent Workshop, Tuesday 15th October (all parents)

All parents are welcome to the Michaelmas Parent Workshop on Tuesday 15th October, 6:00 – 7:30pm, in the Drama room. The topic this time is:

“How do we keep the channels of communication open with our children?”​ and will be led by Madeline Stanimeros, a local speaker, author, parenting guru AND mother of five!

In a response to previous events, a creche (for pupils at DCPS in Years 3-8) will be available for those who would otherwise find it difficult to attend due to issues with childcare arrangements at that time of the day. Supper at school will be provided and full supervision will continue afterwards, until the workshop finishes.

Please let Mrs Hunt know if you would like to attend and if you plan to leave your children in the pop-up creche. Please state how many children you will be leaving and their ages. All childcare requests must be received by Friday 11th October.

Further questions can be answered by Mrs Hunt (

Promises Auction, Friday 15th November (all parents)

Please click here to access further information.

Sip and Shop, Wednesday 4th December (all parents)

All members of the Dean Close Community and their friends and family (adults only preferred please) are welcome to gather at Centenary Hall at DCPS for a pre-holiday shopping event!

On sale will be items made and sold by members of the Dean Close community, parents and relatives.  This is a great way to support small businesses and get stocking stuffers, staff and teacher gifts, have a glass of wine and socialise before the Christmas break is upon us.

Jewellery, accessories, clothing, gift baskets, personalised items, essential oils, packaged food gifts, toys, and many more offerings will be available for purchase.

For booth enquiry please contact Mrs Victoria Robb at 447412022662 or email

Dean Close Hockey Camp (all parents)

Please click here to access further details on this.

Dean Close Services are offering an EARLY BIRD discount of 10% if you book your son/daughter onto the camp for the full 3 days only. Early bird discount will end on Monday 5th November. There is no discount code needed, it is already calculated in the overall price for 3 days.

If you want to include a sibling discount to your booking, you can work this out against the number of sessions you want to pay for. Sibling discount is 10% offset against child 1. For this, please select the ‘other discount’ option on the form and enter manually below.

Ultimate Activity Camps (all parents)

Please click here to access further information on this.

Match Fixtures Week 6 (all parents)

We are only sending match details in our weekly clarion. Team sheets, pitch location and further information can be accessed using the password DCPSsport2019 on the sports section of the School website

Wednesday 9th October

Hockey v Cheltenham Ladies’ College – 1st VII, 2nd VII, 7th VII and 8th VII Away 2.30pm; 3rd VII, 4th VII, 5th VII and 6th VII Home 2.30pm

Hockey – Cheltenham College Preparatory School Tournament U10A and U9A Away 2.30pm

Hockey v Berkhampstead Preparatory School – U10B, U8A and U8B Home 3.30pm

Hockey v St Edward’s Preparatory School – U11A Home 3.30pm

Rugby v Bromsgrove Preparatory School – Rugby v Bromsgrove – U13A, U12B Away 2.30pm; U13B, U12A, U11A, U11B, U11C, U10A, U10B, U10C Home 2.30pm

Rugby – Festival at St Hugh’s Preparatory School U9A and U9B Away 2.00pm

Thursday 10th October

Hockey – U13 IAPS Regionals at Repton School 10.00am

District Cross-Country Round 1 at Cheltenham Tigers RFC – U11 and U10 Away 3.45pm

Friday 11th October

Hockey – U11 IAPS Regionals at Cheltenham College Preparatory School 10.00am

2.30pm Hall Service – Mr J. Wragg-Smith

Rugby v The Richard Pate School – U9A, U9B Home 3.30pm

Saturday 12th October

Hockey – Severnside Tournament U9A Home 10.00am

Hockey v The Dragon School – 1st XI and 2nd XI Away 2.00pm; 4th VII, 5th VII, 6th VII and 7th VII Away 3.00pm

Foundation Rugby v Sir Thomas Rich Grammar School – U13A, U13B and U12A Home 1.20pm