There are a number of things to be excited about this week including the House Singing Competition, the nearing of completion of the resurfacing project of the Hockey pitch and indeed the continuing endeavours in the classroom with a flurry of Green Chits being awarded for outstanding work.

CCF Field Day provided stiff competition across the Houses as they battled it out for the honours at the various stations, and the rest of the cadets bonded at Croft Farm Water Park as they lashed their barrels and poles together in a raft building exercise, as well as testing their skills in kayaks on the river.

The Golf team have started the term with a flourish as they beat both RGS Worcester and Bromsgrove and we look forward to seeing further positive results from them.

Grade Card Descriptors

Following the release of the first grade cards of the year last week, effort and attainment descriptors for grade cards and reports can now be found on the parent portal and school website

Pupils Driving Into School

In order for us to ensure the safety of all our pupils, it is essential that we obtain certain details. If your son or daughter currently drives to School, intends to drive to School in the near future, or is to be a passenger in a car with another pupil, we would be grateful if you could carefully read the attached letter andthen complete and return the proforma provided at your earliest convenience to the Front Office. We really appreciate your assistance in this regard.

A Monk’s Tale – Monday 2 October: Bacon Theatre

We would like to extend a warm invitation to this event for Dean Close families. It is an appropriate family show for 11+ children and is a great way to learn about this period of history in a light hearted way. The show is written and directed by James Cary, a friend of Dean Close School. Please feel free to bring friends and neighbours.

Below is an excerpt from The Guardian reviews:

‘Beginning their show with the habits and rules of a British society, the cast sing ‘Don’t start an argument or mention religion’. Immediately going against their own decree they leap into a debate about Martin Luther, The Mad Monk. This farcical production contains face slapping confessions, Monk raps and mic drops with the holy bible.’

The Week Ahead

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