Our U14 girls have done us proud by winning the West Hockey Finals to go straight through to play at the National Finals in London next term. They were a little jaded after their efforts on Thursday, but rightly proud of their achievements.

Evensong on Thursday provided a wonderful backdrop for the first performance of OD Matthew Martin’s The Fifth Service. This setting of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis was dedicated to the memory of Margaret Bowen who served the School faithfully for 40 years.

This was followed by a reception and Concert to celebrate 20 years of the PMH, where the audience were treated to stunning performances from ODs Brenna Tin, Henry Neill and Ashok Gupta, alongside the Carducci Quartet and other staff and pupils.

We also had Art and Psychology trips this week, a Greek Tragedy symposium, and the 4th Form attended a talk at the Prep School on Child Exploitation.

Half Term saw the demolition of the CCF and D of E buildings, as well as the old Maths Department to make way for the new Day Village. It is clearly very exciting to see this project underway.

Remembrance Sunday Service: 12 November at 10.50am

Sunday’s Service represents a very important part of our calendar as we remember those who lost their lives during conflicts. We require pupils to report to their Houses at 10.30am for registration.

Parents of Day Pupils are welcome to wait in the Dining Hall during the Service, where Tea and Coffee will be available.

09.45 Choir Rehearsal Starts in Chapel

10.30 Registration in House

10.45 Seated in Chapel

10.50 Service of Remembrance Starts

12.00 Collection time for Day Pupils

Dean Close Video Channel

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Art Series Episode 3 – Groups

A Level artist, Matteo Alfonsi, talks about his GCSE piece based on conflict and religion. It hints at the desire to conquer and suppress the lack of tolerance and understanding people have of different religions. Particularly poignant this weekend is the poppy in Matteo’s piece; representing bloodshed, but also symbolising remembrance and hope for a better future.

Click here to view the whole #DeanFlix Channel

Leave of Absence Requests

Any request for Leave of Absence during term time needs to be submitted to the Deputy Headmaster (ashall@deanclose.org.uk) via the Housemaster, well in advance. Leave is only granted in exceptional circumstances as any absence from lessons, places additional pressure on the pupils to catch up on work that they have missed. It is very difficult for us to process requests at short notice.

Applications to Universities in the USA

If your son or daughter may be interested in applying to the United States, do have a look at the school library website (http://dcslibrary.com) where Mrs Montgomery has placed several documents which may be of help. There are also books on the US system, practice SAT/ACT papers and a file of brochures upstairs in the library. Mrs Montgomery is available to meet individuals, and she also holds group meetings with those who show interest in the USA or indeed in any other overseas universities. There will be a meeting for the Lower 6th on Wednesday 15 November.Please do make contact Mrs Montgomery on chsmontgomery@deanclose.org.uk if you have any questions about the process and the support that your son or daughter will receive.

IT: Acceptable Use Policy – Follow Up

Thank you for all the feedback relating to the updated Acceptable Use Policy. As with all policies, we ensure that compliance is high on out priority list and this Policy is based on the South West Grid for Learning template. In line with Government guidance, every pupil is required to read the IT AUP and agreement, and sign to say they accept its terms in order to continue using the School IT systems.

The biggest contention appears to be the clause about the School having access to pupils’ personal devices. Please note that the law changed a number of years ago to allow this, but where possible, this would always be conducted in the presence of the pupil, parents or guardians.

Please CLICK HERE for recent advice on Apps that are seen as a cause for concern in Educational circles.

If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Davis via jadavis@deanclose.org.uk. Please CLICK HERE to view the updated policy.


BACON THEATRE: Thursday 30 November & Friday 1 December at 7.30pm

We warmly welcome your support. The booking will open soon for tickets for what we hope will be an exciting show. Originally set in the criminal London underworld of 1728, the piece was highly inventive in setting popular tunes and ditties of the day to new words. And so, the thieves, pickpockets, murderers and strumpets in the piece would suddenly stop and sing a few lines – and so perhaps the first musical was born. The piece is also famous for being updated by Brecht as The Threepenny Opera – most of you will know Mack the Knife…

We too are updating the piece (no secrets given out yet) and using new music written by Jason Richards OD, who will also MD the show. We have some exciting top actors in the leads: Guy Amos stars as Macheath, the villain-hero and ladies’ man; Polly Peachum, his lover, is played by Maddie Dunn; Lucy Lockit (also his lover – the man has no principles at all) is Izzy Moulding; Max Thomas and Gwen Stabler play Peachum and Mrs Peachum; and Orlando Giannini plays Lockit the Gaoler.

The booking will open for all members of the School Community from Monday 13 November at 9am. Please do not try to book tickets before then.

Please do not contact the Drama Department for tickets – they do not control Box Office.

We look forward to welcoming you and hope you will be able to attend to support these talented young actors.

The Week Ahead

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If you have any queries or comments, please contact rerichards@deanclose.org.uk.