It was a pleasure to welcome back Old Decanian, Min Kim, for a solo exhibition and Private View in the School’s BonBernard Gallery on Wednesday 5 October. Min was the fourth former student to return to the School with a solo exhibition.

Min left Dean Close in 2007 and went on to study at The Slade School of Fine Art and, most recently completed her MA at The Royal College of Art. She is currently forging a career as a professional artist working both in the UK and Korea.

Her show, ‘Evolve’, is a retrospective exhibition that charts the past 10 years of her practice, from A Level to current day, as she has searchedfor her own pictorial language.

At Dean Close, Min experienced a new way of art education which was different from what she had learnt in Korea, learning the importance of process and creativity. As she progressed through Art College, she drew inspiration from nature, her paintings being dreamy and other-worldly with bright colours and uncanny forms. She then began to focus on pure abstraction, and at the Royal College of Art, Min researched geometric abstract works. Now her pieces are more simplified and modernized with the shapes in the earlier works becoming much smaller. Her work still has the feeling of a spatial or multidimensional world in the relationship of time and space.

Head of Art, Caroline Evans, said: “It was lovely to have Min Kim back in the Art School. Min is an exceptionally talented young artist whose work is as beautiful as it is extraordinary, anyone who views her work cannot help but be impressed. It makes for fascinating viewing.”

If you missed the event, the exhibition will be displayed until 20thNovember. It is open between 9am – 6pm daily and everyone is welcome.