This week Dean Close Pre-Prep, parents, friends and family were transported to
the amazing world of minibeasts at the Pre-Prep production of ‘Minibeast
Mayhem’.There were spiders, ladybirds and ants to name just a few, all acting
and singing in a summer garden.

The story focused on a group ofcaterpillars whowere told by some beautiful
flowers that theywere not welcome in the garden, as they were not pretty
enough!As the story unfolded we followed the caterpillars’ journey through the
garden, where they met many helpful friends along the way who tried to help the
caterpillars discover their beauty. They metants and ladybirds; grasshoppers who
tried to teach them how to jump, clever bees who showed them how to find pollen
and lively spiders who tried to teach them acrobatics.

Finally the beetles and dragonflies suggested they goand visit wise Mr Snail, who
sure enough had the answer! He explained that caterpillars are beautiful in their own way and told them the wonderful story of the life of a caterpillar. Imagine everyone’s surprise and delight, when during the story-telling, the caterpillars became beautiful butterflies!

Dr Carolyn Shelley, Headmistress said, ‘It has been a wonderful play, not just
because the whole School has loved taking part but also because it tells the
important message that we are all special and beautiful’.