Today, the Remove Geographers and Historians have formed a Model United Nations. The pupils have taken over the Flecker Library, in groups representing each country to explore the possibilities of global trade. Migrant workers have been a significant topic in the media recently, in relation to the EU debate, and pupils are discussing this on a global scale.Pupils representing countries from all levels of the development spectrum attempted to work together to deliver a resolution.

The group representing the United Kingdom had a tough job in view of the results of last night’s EU referendum. Debates have been raging and arguments have been fierce, just like the real UN, and although some difficult questions were posed to the UK group, they were well prepared for all eventualities. The Best Delegates of the day were Ava DeCosta Freeman and Jimmy Gleeson. Ava said; “Today has been a complete change to our usual lessons, it has been great to put our new knowledge and debating skills into practice.”

Head of Geography, Alisdair Cradock, was really pleased with how the day panned out and said; “There have been some outstanding contributions from a number of the pupils and some very mature responses to dilemmas posed. It is fantastic to see pupils of this age fully involved and contributing, on such a contentious topic, with such knowledge and confidence.”