Recent music success at Dean Close includes a total of five post-Grade 8 Diplomas being awarded to our talented musicians; Tom (OD, Singing),  Oscar (U6, Clarinet), Ivan (Yr 10, Piano) and one for each instrument for Michael (Yr 11, Piano and Violin).


Michael has also successfully passed through two rounds of auditions for the National Youth Orchestra and has been invited to attend their Christmas training course. Around 35 violinists out of many thousands auditioning are offered full places with NYO each year; those already in the orchestra have to re-audition annually.  Members include the top violinists from all the UK’s specialist music schools. Michael is also slightly underage as most students apply in the Sixth Form, when they are over 16. Within this context, it’s a huge an achievement to be asked to join the setup (although Michael is characteristically modest and downplays his success).


Bradley Salisbury, Headmaster of Dean Close School, comments,
“This is brilliant news. For these musicians to have got this far is testament to years of hard work and the expert coaching they have received…. well done!”