In the first week of the Trinity Term the music Scholars had a wonderful morning performing for the residents of Dalkeith retirement home. Pupils were asked to choose a piece they would like to perform at the end of last term and then practise it over the holiday. The residents were treated to some excellent performances on the piano, flute, French horn and violin as well as some beautiful singing, including ‘Fly me to the moon’ sung by one of the Choristers.

Cassian, aged 12 said, “Mr McVittie introduced each performer telling the audience who we were and what we liked to do at School.I was a little bit nervous but once I got going I really enjoyed it.” Alastair Klemz, aged 13, said, “I played Preludium on the trombone. I really enjoyed doing something nice for someone else, especially as all the people watching seemed to really enjoy it. I hope we are asked to go back again soon.”

Director of Music, Mr McVittie shared, “It was so wonderful to hear the children play, the residents thoroughly enjoyed themselves, some were moved to tears. I think the children also had a great time and learnt a little bit about the pleasure all their hard work and practise can bring to others, as well as being proud of themselves.”