This year’s Battle of the Bands champions are Form 8RS!Battle of the Bands is a musical competition for all pupils anda big traditionat Dean Close Prep.As well as individual performanceseach Year 8 class chooses a song in their music lesson and they learn all the different elements of the song, including the vocals and instrumental parts. At this year’ s competition, ‘Man of Science’ Mr Fraine brought along his decibel meter to note the volume
of cheers at the end of each act.

8CS kicked the show off with ‘Shake it off’, followed by some fantastic wrapping by Fahed Ghazzawi (8DJ) and lead vocals from Conor Allen performing Jessie J’s ‘Pricetag’. 8TM rocked with ‘Love me again’, whilst 8JG, supported by Form Tutor Mr Gould, delivered some beautiful harmonies with ‘Yours’, creating a mash-up with rapping in “Trouble”. The winners were 8RS with a fantastic cover of the Black Eyed Peas ‘I gotta feelin’’. The winning cheers from the audience reached 109 decibels!

James Pollard, lead singer in the 8RS band said “I would like to thank my
manager, my family and most of all my class for supporting me in achieving this
great honour.”

Beth Clink from 8TM more relevantly said “We have had a great time putting
these bands together, learning to play the different parts and the chord
sequences. It was fun performing on stage together with the big sound, the
audience cheering and the lights.”