Dean Close was pleased to welcome Natasha Houseago, professional sculptor, to exhibit her pieces in the BonBernard Gallery this week. The Art School was filled with a range of beautiful and interesting sculptures, all created under the title “Turbulent”. Pupils, parents and members of the community were all welcome to explore the exhibition and chat to the artist herself.

Natasha works mainly in green wood – combining her own studio practice in Cheltenham, withexhibiting,teaching carving,community and public art projects andresidencies in the UK and abroad. Although she has worked in other materials she is always drawn back to wood believing it to be “a magical, potent, living material”. All of her wood has fallen naturally, and she loves that sense of giving it another life.

Natasha has worked with artists in the Lower Sixth Form at Dean Close previously, teaching them the methods of wood carving. She encourages pupils to begin with some loose drawings which they then transfer in chalk onto the solid blocks of wood where they beginthe very physical process of carving, hacking, rasping and scraping.

Head of Art, Caroline Evans, said: “It is an absolute pleasure to welcome Natasha back to Dean Close with such a stunning exhibition. The pupils have been inspired by the materials, techniques and tools that Natasha uses and I’m sure the exhibition will encourage more 3D work and sculpture in the future”.

The exhibition will be on display until 3rd February in the BonBernard Gallery, and everyone is warmly welcome. For further information please contact: