Before half term pupils were thrilled to welcome children’s poet, writer and percussionist, Brian Moses to school to perform some of his poetry and to teach a poetry workshop.

The morning started with a fabulous poetry recital as Brian played percussion instruments such as the Thunder drum and the Cajon drum to underpin the rhythms of his some of his well-known poems – ‘Walking with my Iguana’ and ‘The Snake Hotel’.

Pupils were then split into groups to participate in poetry workshops. The younger children learnt about using inventive descriptions in their poetry, whilst the older pupils investigated the power of rhyming, both groups then created some of their own inventive poems and took it in turns to recite them.

Brian Moses explained, “There are some budding poets amongst the pupils, they all worked really hard to write some very creative poetry. I particularly liked the way so many of the younger pupils came up with lots of ideas for their own poems when they returned to their classrooms and got drafting!”

Ben Abunassar said, “I had so much fun, I learnt about cross-rhymes, which is when the last word of the first line of a poem, rhymes with a word in the middle of the second sentence and so on. I am also really looking forward to reading Brian Moses’ new book ‘Lost Magic’, which we now have in our library.”

Brian has taught for 13 years and has been a professional writer in schools, libraries, theatres and
festivals since 1988. He has sold over 1 million of his poetry books and anthologies and was
commissioned by CBBC to write a poem for the Queen’s 80th birthday which was then performed live
on air. Lost Magic is his most recent publication.