Dean Close School is celebrating achieving the National Cyber Security Centre‘s BRONZE CyberFirst Schools Recognition Award.

Being a CyberFirst School gives Dean Close NCSC Industry recognition, as well as providing the school with local and national opportunities to engage with industry and local universities; helping establish a community from across the education network; having access to the NCSC’s resource portal; participating in the expanding, varied CyberFirst opportunities and receiving assistance from NCSC’s CyberFirst Ambassadors.

Amongst the criteria for Dean Close to fulfil to achieve this Award were: providing a Statement of Support demonstrating the school’s continued commitment to computing & Cyber security; having a strategy for consolidating and developing cyber security education; having a well-defined core team comprising of specialist staff and supporting teachers’ professional learning in computing; offering computing or equivalent and additional enrichment activities at all key stages at the school (at least 1 hour weekly in KS3 computing/cross curricular lessons), and detailing external engagement activities with industry, academia, local schools/colleges and how these add value to the school’s computing / computation and cyber security education programme.

In a letter to  Dean Close, the Project Manager from National Cyber Security Centre wrote,

“I would like to thank you for the time and effort you put into the application and for being a school/college that is showing true leadership in cyber security education and outreach.  It is a pleasure to be able to award you this recognition Award; it speaks highly of how well your school/college are perceived, a positive contribution that deserves recognition.”

Mr Bradley Salisbury, Headmaster
“We are proud that Dean Close School’s home town, Cheltenham, is a cyber hub with NCSC leading the country and investing in future skills and training of young people in schools across the sectors. We are delighted to be recognised for leading in cyber security education and outreach.  Computer Science is fast becoming a core subject for us as a school; positioned at the heart of our curriculum and central to each pupil’s academic learning and personal development.  Achieving the Bronze CyberFirst Schools Recognition Award illustrates how far we have come, and the initiative sets out clear aims and objectives for us to excel.  There is so much more that we want to do and achieve within this field to inform and educate at the highest possible level.”