Yeaman and Oaksey were the first teams to face one another in the new Prep School Inter-House Quiz. Teams of four pupils representing each House had to answer questions from categories including; Culture, Maths, Science, General Knowledge and Current Affairs to name but a few.

Some of the questions included:


  • What is the probability of rolling a prime number on a normal unbiased 6 sided dice? 
  • How many faces does a hexagonal prism have? 


  • Which composer wrote The Water Music? 
  • How many valves does a trumpet have?

Current Affairs:

  • Which distance in running has just had a new world record set? 

Pupils received 10 points for a question they answered alone and five if they had to confer as a team. When all of the rounds are completed, points will be added up and one House team crowned ‘Brains of DCPS’.

Throughout the quiz all the pupils worked well as a team to pool their knowledge, in the end it was Oaksey who were victorious. Deacon face the Boarders in the next round, good luck everyone.