The children in Nursery began the term by looking at different types of bears. Over the past few weeks, their interest has developed to include exploration into lots of different animals and their habitats. On Friday 25th September, the children took part in a Nursery Fun Day. Having thoroughly enjoyed the Bear Hunt story, the Nursery class embarked upon an adventure to find a bear in the woods!

Using vocabulary they recalled from the story, the children used the Forest School site to climb trees, slide down mud-banks, follow the course of the stream and search amongst the plants and willow dens to find hidden animals.

The children developed their ability to explore and use media and materials when they mixed their own mud paint to create independent art work at Forest School. Using magnifying glasses and treasure baskets, the children identified a variety of mini-beasts, spider webs and collected their own forest treasures.

At lunchtime, each member of the class brought a teddy bear friend to share a picnic together. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed their day and have continued to develop their fascination with the outdoors and different animals and their habitats.