Incy Wincey Spider, Jack and Jill and lots of little stars arrive at Pre-Prep!

Pre-Prep was bursting with everyone’s favourite nursery rhyme characters as
Kindergarten enjoyed a Nursery Rhyme Fun Day. Children were very busy all day
taking part in exciting nursery rhyme activities – such as finding clues hidden all
overthe School to guess the nursery rhyme, creating Mary, Mary’s gardens
(completewith silver bells and cockle shells!) and a special music and movement
sessionbased on nursery rhymes.

“Nursery rhymes are an essential part of childhood.” explained Dr Shelley,
Headmistress of the Pre-Prep. “They helpdevelop children’s imagination from a
young age, teach them rhyme and rhythm,as well as narrative structure – all
essential for learning to read. Asking children tocome to school dressed as their
favourite characters encourages them to sharestories about who they have chosen
to be and why. I have thoroughly enjoyedwatching them enthusiastically exchange
stories and explain their fantasticcostumes – they have all had a wonderful day!”