The Society’s Committee meets three times each year at the School, their main topics for discussion usually involve managing the Society’s finances, agreeing ways to support pupils, and the arrangements for events to bring ODs together.

Below are a list of ODS Officers and Committee Members.


President Lord Bernard Ribeiro OBE (Tower – 1962)
Chairman Nick Akerman (Gate – 1980) – Trustee – F&GP Sub-Committee
OD Secretary Alex Hume (Dale – 2002) – Trustee
Committee Members:
Louise Akenhead (Mead – 2008)
Robin Bayliss (Tower – 1983)
Garth Banks (Dale – 2002)
John Denley (Court  – 1988)
Helen Gregory (Hatherley – 2012)
Rupert Lane (Gate -1962)
Tim Lawrence (Field -1976) – F&GP Sub-Committee
John Lee (Brook – 2001)
Andrew Marquand (Field – 1971) – Trustee – F&GP Sub-Committee
Isobel Shayle (Mead / Shelburne – 2002)
Jeremy Winter (Court -1961)
Honorary Members:
Richard Taylor (Former Deputy Head of DCS)
David Evans (Senior Master DCS)
Bradley Salisbury (Headmaster DCS)
Paddy Moss (Headmaster DCPS)

Please send any correspondence for Committe members to:

The Old Decanian Society
Dean Close School
Shelburne Road
GL51 6HE

or email

For more information or if you would like to be considered to become an OD representative on the Committee, please contact Alex Hume.