1971-1973 REUNION

What a great afternoon we all had and lovely to see everyone back at DCS in some cases for 40+ years!

If you would like to try and get in contact with anyone from the day please just email the OD office at ods@deanclose.org.uk.

Hope to see you all again at an event soon.

Shuter, Mathew Gauntlett, Mr 1973 Court
Stuart-Cox, Jeremy Laxton, Mr 1973 Court
Clough, Andrew Julian, Mr 1973 Court
Forty, Lance Alan, Mr 1973 Field
Prance, Mark Stephen Robert, Mr 1973 Field
Surman, Nicholas David, Mr 1973 Court
Thompson, Peter Gordon Lamouveux, Mr 1973 Tower
Woods, Stephen Rupert, Mr 1973 Court
Taylor, Margaret, Mrs (Nee Foster) 1973 Mead
David, Gavin Duncan, Mr 1973 Brook
Harding, Claire, Mrs (Nee Bayley) 1972 Mead
Martin, Michael William Graham, Major 1972 Gate
Morris, Tom Richard, Mr 1972 Tower
Swinden, Edward Ian Campbell, Mr 1972 Field
Hughes, Robert Lance, Mr 1972 Tower
Horwood, Roger, Mr 1972 Brook
Cheadle, Alistair Peter, Mr 1972 Field
Davidge, Christopher Richard, Mr 1972 Brook
Bevan-Jones, Richard Ian, Mr 1972 Tower
Hilltout, Paul Rene, Mr 1972 Field
Kerr, Gordon William, Mr 1971 Tower
Hutchinson, Alan Paul, Mr 1971 Tower
Lansdown, Adam John Poole, Mr 1971 Field
Price, Alan Lloyd, Capt 1971 Gate
Shaw, Richard Gardner, Mr 1971 Brook
Thomas, Richard John, Mr 1971 Field
Standish, Clive Thomas, Mr 1971 Court
Marquand, Andrew, Mr 1971 Field
Branch, Anne Marie, Mrs (Nee Munday) 1973 Mead
Launchbury, Richard Anthony, Mr 1973 Field
Phipps, Celia Christina, Mrs (Nee Oliver) 1973 Mead
Pomfret, Christopher John, Mr 1973 Field
Tisdall, Sarah Rosemary Lee, Miss 1973 Mead
Watson, David Philip, Mr 1973 Brook
Williams, Owen Nicholas Hughes, Mr 1973 Court
Worrall, Jonathan Antony, Wg Cdr 1973 Gate
Zane, Jane, Mrs (Nee Lachlan) 1973 Mead
Billington, Christopher John William, Mr 1973 Tower
Watts, Peter Frank, Mr 1973 Brook
Dickson, Jane Buchanan, Dr 1972 Mead
Gilliam, Christian Edmund Abel, Mr 1972 Field
Godfrey, Anthony, Mr 1972 Court
Hughes, Robert Kenneth, Mr 1972 Gate
Ing, Jonathan Robert, Mr 1972 Tower
Kennedy, Richard John Harvey, Mr 1972 Tower
Leopold, Philip Bowman, Mr 1972 Field
Martin, Nigel Jamie, Mr 1972 Brook
Fisher, Isaac Albert, Mr 1972 Field
Shaw, Tessa Vivien, Miss (Nee Ford) 1972 Mead
Shaw, Stephen, Mr 1971 Tower
Gayward, Ian Curtis, Mr 1971 Gate
Shuster, Anthony John, Mr 1971 Gate
Tilson, Raymond, Mr 1971 Tower
Quarshie, Hugh Atoy Koba, Mr 1971 Brook


On Friday 29th January, The Old Decanain Society and Dean Close School invited all ODs from the Classes of 1971-1973 to come back to school for a reunion (invitation below).

  • 12.00pm Arrival and Warden’s Welcome
  • 12:30pm Buffet Lunch at Dean Close House
  • 2.30pm Tours of the School
  • 4.00pm Afternoon Tea in the Senior School Dining Hall
  • 5.00pm Chapel Service Sung by Dean Close School Chapel Choir

Lost ODs

We have a number of ‘lost ODs’ from the 1971-73 leavers’ year groups.  If you are in contact with any of the below please let us know via the form at the bottom of the page or send an email to ods@deanclose.org.uk 

Alexander, Robert Chet, Mr 1971
Burke, Mrs Susan Foster, Mrs 1971
Cleaver, John David, Mr Gate 1971
Deason-Barrow, Michael, Mr Gate 1971
Dickens, Anthony William, Mr Tower 1971
Fong, Foei Foei Eddy, Mr Gate 1971
Foster, Guy, Mr 1971
Gleason, James Taylor, Mr 1971
Glover, Richard Matthew, Mr Gate 1971
Green, Duncan Vere, Mr Tower 1971
Handy, Thomas Clive, Mr Tower 1971
Herbert-Mennings, Jonathan, Mr Field 1971
Hill-Smith, Jonathan, Mr Brook 1971
Hughes, Paul John, Mr Brook 1971
James, Jeremy Graham, Mr Tower 1971
Leoung, Ronald Wai Mun, Mr 1971
Malcolm, Iain Stuart, Mr Field 1971
Mason, Terrance, Mr 1971
Masters, John, Mr Gate 1971
May, Francis Richard Victor, Mr 1971
Moore, Janet Mary, Miss 1971
Robertson, James Lyall, Mr Tower 1971
Robinson, Sally Elizabeth, Miss 1971
Skinner, Christopher Peter, Mr Field 1971
Stern, Sonia Helen Anne, Miss 1971
Taffinder, Simon, Mr Brook 1971
Thomas, Ian Clason Ewart, Mr 1971
Timbrell, Jamie Charles, Mr 1971
Walkington, William John Greet, Mr Field 1971
Wall, Keith Alexander, Mr Field 1971
Wen, Ju Hung, Mr Tower 1971
Wheeler, Andrew John, Mr Tower 1971
Burton, John Ellissen, Mr Court 1971
Dawson, Angus George Robert, Mr Brook 1971
Colclough, Peter Geoffrey, Mr Court 1972
Ford, Tessa Vivien, Miss 1972
Grace, John Windsor, Mr Gate 1972
Haines, Christopher Wilton, Mr 1972
Leigh, Anthony John, Mr Brook 1972
Meredith, Adam, Mr Brook 1972
Ong, Thang Poh, Mr 1972
Owen-Thomas, John Richard, Mr Gate 1972
Agg, Robert John, Mr Field 1972
Alexander, Tracey Claire, Miss Court 1972
Brisbane, Michael John, Mr Brook 1972
Bruce, David, Mr Field 1972
Camm, Richard John, Mr Court 1972
Chamberlain, Richard Martin, Mr Field 1972
Collins, William Michael, Mr Court 1972
Corfield, David Antony, Mr Tower 1972
Cronin, Peter James, Mr Court 1972
Davies, Nigel Llewellyn, Mr Tower 1972
Edmondson, Peter Warwick, Mr Tower 1972
Fisher, John Edwin, Mr 1972
Fotouhi, Ali, Mr Brook 1972
Glovier, Jeffery Tim, Mr 1972
Glovier, Larry Neal, Mr 1972
Gordon, Keigh Gray, Mr Gate 1972
Hall, Philip Tom Aidan, Mr 1972
Holman, David John Scott, Mr 1972
Hughes, Robert John Lance, Mr Tower 1972
James, Peter John, Mr Court 1972
Jones, David, Mr 1972
Kay, Robert Malcolm, Mr Field 1972
Lawrence, David Hawkesford, Mr Gate 1972
Lawrence, Michael Hawkesford, Mr Gate 1972
Lim, Kay Tong, Mr Brook 1972
Macbeth, Robert James, Mr Field 1972
Marlin, Thoddens David, Mr 1972
Martin-Jones, Angela, Ms Mead 1972
Roberts, Gordon, Mr 1972
Robinson, Jennifer Allyson, Miss 1972
Rugg, William Patrick, Mr Gate 1972
Russell, Brian Lawrence, Mr Gate 1972
Sinclair, Toby Neil, Mr Brook 1972
Spencer, Helen Mary, Miss 1972
Sturgis, Alastair Graham Russell, Mr Gate 1972
Tan, Yong Jian, Mr Court 1972
Thompson, Peter Miles, Mr Brook 1972
Vincent, Barry Robert, Mr Field 1972
Walker, Richard Eastwood, Mr Brook 1972
Ward, Patricia, Miss 1972
Warner, Paul Stanley, Mr Brook 1972
Worthing-Smith, Jeremy, Mr Tower 1972
Nicholls, Jane Elizabeth Mary, Miss 1973
Owen-Thomas, George Mark, Mr Brook 1973
Bailey, Juliet Ann, Miss 1973
Bailey, Martin Christopher, Mr Field 1973
Bailey, Simon Charles, Mr Field 1973
Bill, Derek Gregory, Mr 1973
Broughton, Timothy John, Mr 1973
Bumbardner, Darleen Mary, Miss Mead 1973
Cleave, Susan Mary, Miss 1973
Collins, Christopher John, Mr Field 1973
Collins, Pamela Mary, Mrs Mead 1973
Dunn, George McCartney, Mr Brook 1973
Felton, Richard James, Mr 1973
Fenton, George Anthony, Mr 1973
Forty, Lance Alan, Mr Field 1973
Fraser, David Jenner Solauke, Mr 1973
Griffiths, Mark Philip Rolf, Mr Brook 1973
Hooper, Richard Huntley, Mr Gate 1973
Horwood, Timothy Charles, Mr Brook 1973
Kay, Richard Ian, Mr Field 1973
Kirk, Graham Malcolm, Mr 1973
Lawson, Ian, Mr Field 1973
Martin, Colin Philip Graham, Major Gate 1973
Nicholls, Ann Patricia, Miss 1973
Nicholls, Jill Diana Jacinth, Miss 1973
Poole, Martin Firth, Mr Field 1973
Robinson, David Lee Doleman, Mr Brook 1973
Schofield, Richard Guy, Mr Field 1973
Taylor, Margaret, Mrs Mead 1973
Toms, Stephen Graham, Mr Field 1973
Whatley, John Henry Lawson, Mr Gate 1973
Wilson, James Ian, Mr Brook 1973
Wilson, Ruari Garrett St.John, Mr 1973
Banwell, David John, Mr Court 1973
Crawley, Peter Nigel, Mr Gate 1973
Hillier-Fry, Michael Charles, Mr Gate 1973
Morgan, Adrian Roland, Mr Field 1973


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