To RSVP please click here. Please also share the invitation with others in your year group.  There is a ‘lost list’ below with those that we do not have email addresses for.  The link to the Class of 1994 Facebook page can be found here.

The below photos are taken from the Decanain which you can view online here.

Username: OldDecanians
Password: Neptune15

Class of 1994 Lost List
First Name Last Name Previous Name
Faith Ayling
Hannah Bacon
Rebecca Baigent
Vanessa Barreto
William Batten
Simon Beamish
James Birt
Clare Brierley
Dominique Brodie
Andrew Buckett
Roland Burns
Simon Butler
Wesley Chiang
Vickie Childs
Richard Chubb
Perran Cothey
Hilary Coy
Sasha Dalgleish
Martin Dowson
Ciaron Dyer
William Garrett
Abigail Gibbon MacLachlan
Hannah Golding
Helen Gould
Annabel Grove
Edward Grove
Hyang Gweon
Alice Harriss
Alexander Heuff
Daniel Honneyman
Jonathan Houlston
Rebecca Hughes
Etsuko Iida
Sabino Iza
Jonathan Kirker
Ludwig Kittinger
Miho Kodera
Erh-Ch’uin Lim
Andrew Marsh
Fiona Melville
Damian Morse
Tumelo Nkoane
Kate Norris
Stephen Ong
Thomas Parsons
Clare Richardson
Vanessa Richardson
Juliet Robbins
William Robertson
Andrea Robinson
Matthew Roden
Michael Sibley
Max Smith
Elaine Teh
Benjamin Tily
Elisabeth Turfrey
John Walton
Louise Watts
Hanna Wheeler
Matthew Wheeler
Timothy Williams
Matthew Winstone