To RSVP please click here. Please also share the invitation with others in your year group. There is a ‘lost list’ below with those that we do not have email addresses for. The link to the Class of 2009 Facebook page can be found here.

The below photos are taken from the Decanain which you can view online here.

Username: OldDecanians
Password: Neptune15

Class of 2009 Lost List
First Name Last Name
Jummai Akale
Ryan Ashworth
Ivan Azarov
Amy Bridgen-Page
Rebecca Bunce
Corona Chen
Kylie Chen
Kung Chiu
Evelyn Cribbin
Alice de Courcy
Thomas Dowler
Jack Driver
Jonathan Glossop
Anna Glover
Thomas Harries
Jordan Hey
William Humphries
Marco Hung
Rachel Jones
Alvin Katto
Dong-Joo Kim
Emily Kirton
Laura Mackenzie
Miriam Mangue
Ellen Mao
Tamsin Miller-Cheevers
George Nelson
Chi Ng
Sieon Park
Rose Patterson
Joseph Perry
Philip Perry
Daniel Priest
Balraj Sembi
Tatiana Solovyeva
Joshua Taylor
Alexander Teague
James Troughton
An-Roux Van Der Merwe
Justin Wang
Shiyang Wang
Siree Wongrukmit
Peter Workman
Yue Zhang