Dale began in 1973 as a response to the growing numbers of day house boys. Field was the largest house in the summer of 1973, hence Dale opened that Michaelmas with 28 boys under Housemaster Derek Barker. The name derived from a need to be one syllable and to start with a letter not already in use by the other houses; the pastoral influence again guided the choice. The motto is rather apt considering the first Housemaster was Derek Barker, a physicist and Head of Science hence the motto Potentia Scientia, knowledge is power.


Housemasters from 1973 – 2019:
Derek A Barker 1973-1978
D.S. Macpherson 1978-1982
M.K. Paul 1982-1988
T.G. Odell 1988-2000
R.I. Kirby 2000-2002
N.P. Stokes 2002-2004
J.P. Watson 2004-2016
Ben Price 2016-present


With the opening of the new Day House Village, new Heads of House boards will be purchased for the houses.  We are fairly confident that we have the entries correct (information gathered from the Archives and cross referencing this with the relevant ODs), but if you notice any anomalies please let the OD office know ASAP.

Heads of House from 1973 – 2019
N.H. Mason 1973-1974
S.F. Reeve 1974-1975
I.C. Leopold 1975-1976
A.R. Miller 1976-1977
G.E.C. Woodcock 1977-1978
T.G. Graveney 1978-1979
M.H. Fowke 1979-1980
E.J.M. Maddox 1980-1981
P.J. Harwood 1981-1982
P.J. Barnes 1982-1983
G.J. Milne 1983-1984
C.D. Allen 1984-1985
D.W. Newbery 1985-1986
D.S. Leithead 1986-1987
M.E. Herbert 1987-1988
N. Procter 1988-1989
C.J. Townsend 1989-1990
E. Turfrey 1990-1991
A.A. Sanderson 1991-1992
M.S. Fincham 1992-1993
Q.R.N. Cole 1993-1994
R.D.H. Ball 1994-1995
A.J. Thompson 1995-1996
N.G.E. Ball / W.M. Kinder 1996-1997
R.E. Worthington 1997-1998
O.E. Bretherton / P.R. Martin 1998-1999
M.P. Shayle 1999-2000
E. Forrester / R.H.M. Kinder 2000-2001
M.A. Harwood-Smith 2001-2002
R.A. Brignull 2002-2003
A. Coates 2003-2004
T. West 2004-2005
S. Tasker-Grindley 2005-2006
A.D. Jones 2006-2007
A. Maxwell 2007-2008
J. Gillman 2008-2009
J. Ford 2009-2010
H. Baylis 2010-2011
C.A.R. Hunte 2011-2012
J.A. Cahill 2012-2013
M.T. Evans 2013-2014
W.V.T. Hunte 2014-2015
H.E. Caro 2015-2016
S. Jaffar 2016-2017
M.G. Cutrupi 2017-2018
J.W. Hunt 2018-2019