Field began in 1957 with 54 boys under the guiding eye of Denys Carnill. The House colours were violet and white apparently after the Eastern Counties Hockey Association which second master E.S. Hoare liked. The name and colours were decided via correspondence to Carnill who was still in Australia following his participation in the Melbourne Olympics and subsequent teaching exchange.

In his stead Derek Barker took the helm until Carnill returned. It may have been for this reason that the house did not originally have  a motto until in 1995, Lloyd Allington, the then Housemaster introduced Do Ut Des, ‘I give in order that you may give’ Following the construction of the Beaufort block in 1960, Field House moved into the top floor and has remained there ever since.


Housemasters from 1957 – 2019:
Denys J. Carnill 1957-1972
T.N. Snow 1972-1975
R.C. Padfield 1975-1980
J. Richardson 1980-1984
C.M. Kenyon 1984-1992
L.S. Allington 1993-2000
C.J. Townsend 2000-2003
R.C. Boyle 2003-2005
P.S. Montgomery 2005-present


With the opening of the new Day House Village, new Heads of House boards will be purchased for the houses.  We are fairly confident that we have the entries correct (information gathered from the Archives and cross referencing this with the relevant ODs), but if you notice any anomalies please let the OD office know ASAP.


Heads of House from 1957 – 2019
1957-1958 J.R. Hensman
1958-1959 J.R. Hensman
1959-1960 T.J.C. Goudie
1960-1961 M.G. Gorton
1961-1962 R.J.W. Evans
1962-1963 A.J. Briggs
1963-1964 A.S. Goudie
1964-1965 J.C. Redman
1965-mich D.R Sharp
1965-1966 H.L. Pihlens
1966-1967 C.V.G Harries
1967-1968 S.R.P. Lansdown
1968-1969 C.L. Wood
mich 1969-lent 1970 H.I. Everett
summer 1970 B.C. Lewis
1970-1971 R.W. Bayston
1971-1972 T.J.F Cuss / J. M. Manson
1972-1973 A.P. Cheadle
1973-1974 R.P. Heaton-Jones
1974-1975 N.D.F. Swan / C.J. Trickey
1975-1976  N.P. Hallett-Carpenter
1976-1977 G.N. Heaton-Jones
1977-1978 A.J. Putnam
1978-1979 N.C. Mason
1979-1980 N.C.W. Mustoe
1980-1981 P.S. Clark
1981-1982 R.M. Leopold
1982-1983 T.H. Dent
1983-1984 S.E. Brown
1984-1985 J.P. Rooke
1985-1986 D.R. Faulkner
1986-1987 D.C. Padfield
1987-1988 B.J.J. Dent
1988-1989 A.J.G. Millington
1989-1990 M.P. Smith
1990-1991 S.H. Odell
1991-1992 C.J. Hillman
1992-1993 D.M. Wilkins
1993-1994 W.G. Odell
1994-1995 G.A. Jones
1995-1996 O. Ray / D.R.S. Auckland
1996-1997 P.R. Hodges / S.M.P. Pickering-Pick
1997-1998 E.T. Taylor
1998-1999 T.J.R Adams/ J.E. Scott
1999-2000 T.J. Slater
2000-2001 J.A.H. Mullan
2001-2002 B.E.F. Dowty
2002-2003 J.A.J. Hill
2003-2004 C. Cochrane
2004-2005 N. Sword
2005-2006 P.T. Browne
2006-2007 R.J. Newiss
2007-2008 M. Watkiss
2008-2009 A.H. Newiss
2009-2010 C. Edwards
2010-2011 B.C.W. Thomas
2011-2012 S.M. Warren
2012-2013 E.G.C. Cook
2013-2014 E.A.G. Bolton
2014-2015 F.A. Pearce
2015-2016 A. Gornall
2016-2017 E. Bogue
2017-2018 H.J. Phillips
2018-2019 J.A. Melville-Smith