Mead, the first girls’ house came into being in 1969 a year after the arrival of the first girl at Dean Close. It began life with just 8 day girls which grew to 15 by 1970, some of which were boarders, to 25 the following year. In 1972 a big change took place when girls were admitted into the Senior School from the IVth form. Mead became a boarding and day house with 23 boarders and 30 day girls, numbers which continued to increase with Mead becoming the largest house in the School by 1973. It was in 1982 that Mead reverted back to a day house when Fawley lodge became a fully-fledged boarding house.


Housemistress’s from 1969 – 2019:
Mrs V. Wilson 1969-1971
Mrs J. Barker 1971-1973
Mrs S.M. Vaus 1974-1987
Mrs G.S. Macgill 1989-1997
Mrs V.E. Burroughs 1989-1997
Mrs J.D. Kent 1997-2001
Mrs P.S. Watson 2001-2016
Mrs C. Feltham 2016-present